The achievement of LEED certification requires fulfilling all the prerequisites, which are those mandatory strategies that the building must guarantee. Within them, Fundamental Commisioning and Energy Modeling services are mandatory.

In Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa we offer our customers a turnkey service, integrating the 3 services in 1, guaranteeing the achievement of the prerequisites that the LEED certification demands.



The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design or LEED is an internationally recognized certification system for sustainable buildings. Created by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Companies, developers, builders and governments worldwide use this certification to obtain great benefits in their buildings.

Through a system of summation of points (prerequisites) and credits (optional) it is possible to achieve one of the four certification levels:


40-49 points


50-59 points


60-79 points

80+ points

While the credits are optional and eligible according to each project, the prerequisites are mandatory and must be carried out to obtain any level of certification.

There are several systems under which a building can get the LEED certification, depending on its own characteristics. From new constructions, major renovations, to existing buildings in operative stage:


It provides guidelines for the design and construction of a green building, considering aspects that result in greater cost efficiency and energy use, in addition to a more healthy and comfortable internal environment.


It is applicable to interior equipment projects, in which the occupant and his project team only control the interior space of a building, not including structure and/or envelope.


It is a flexible system that allows to be applied to a variety of projects, as it considers speculative properties, that is, those where the developer is in charge only of the core and envelope of the building.


It is the one that recognizes established buildings that count and/or seek to implement processes and plans of operation and maintenance of high energy and environmental efficiency. It is the only one with a validity period of five years.


It recognizes single-family and/or multi-family homes that apply the best sustainable building practices, providing healthier and more comfortable spaces to its final occupants.


It is developed to inspire and help inspire the creation of better and more sustainable urban developments. Beyond buildings, it considers complete communities from the conceptual stage to the construction.

At the global level, projects with certification demonstrate leadership, innovation and social responsibility. In addition, LEED certification brings tangible benefits such as:

  • Better spaces, conditions for the health and productivity of its occupants.
  • Reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Access to tax incentives.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Increase the value of your assets.
  • Reduction of waste.
  • Energy and water conservation.

In Bioconstruccio?n y Energi?a Alternativa we are leaders and pioneers in the Consulting in LEED Certification and Sustainable Building. We provided consultancy to the first LEED Gold and Silver projects in Latin America, the first NC project for a manufacturing plant as well as the first double LEED Platinum project in Mexico/Latin America.



WELL Building Standard

We spend 90% of our time inside buildings. WELL Building Standard is a certification that aims to make spaces promote health and well-being in people. Based on what makes the human body good, its strategies are focused on providing comfort, better sleep, better digestion, reducing the risk of diseases and improving the mental health of people, among others. We have the first WELL accredited professionals in Mexico and the world to support organizations in improving health, well-being and productivity in their spaces.

Living Building Challenge

As a philosophy, the International Living Future Institute has created it with the aim of being the first regenerative certification system, contributing to the world more than it takes. It integrates principles of positive net energy, water reuse, protection of habitats and good use of site, use of materials safe for living beings, health and happiness, equity, beauty and inspiration. As the most robust and challenging certification, Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy has a professional accredited Living Future, who leads a pilot project in the country.


The tourism sector and destinations have specific needs in sustainable terms. All require proper management of their waste, optimal use of water, good relations with local communities, energy efficiency, among others. EarthCheck’s evaluation system for the operation of destinations, hotels and venues, together with the standard of design and planning, seeks to measure the performance of these spaces from its conception and over time, to reward the progress in sustainable terms of these items. Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy is a regional partner of EarthCheck for support in verifying the standard of operation and accompaniment in the design and planning standard.


Buildings that efficiently use their resources positively impact the planet and take into account the developer’s return on investment. In this scenario, EDGE, the Green Building Certification system for emerging markets created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) allows to optimize the use of water and energy, both consumed by the building and incorporated in the materials, A simple way and under local comparisons. Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy has the capacity to perform EDGE audits, being one of the first firms in Mexico to achieve this accreditation.



The Commissioning process is fundamental for owners and developers to achieve the energy efficiency objectives of their projects, by verifying the optimal functioning of the systems.

We have a Commissioning team specialized in the most recognized standards worldwide ASHRAE, ACG, NEBB, NIBS, BCA and SMACNA.

Our service guarantees the energy efficiency and environmental performance of your real estate project.

Our service includes:

  • Lighting and Associated Controls.
  • Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems and Associated Controls.
  • Water Heating Systems.
  • Sustainable Energy Systems.
  • High efficiency enclosure.
  • Fundamental (compulsory part of the LEED process included in our turnkey service) & Enhanced Commissioning (contributes LEED-relevant credits)


The first step towards sustainable construction is the understanding of the site’s climatic conditions and the implementation of sustainable building strategies. This allows passive reduction of energy demand and a balance between design and technology.

BEA offers specialized studies and value engineering using technology and scientific tools. We evaluate design alternatives and systems specification to establish the fundamentals that guide the client in decision making.

Our service includes:

  • Calculation of Environmental Footprint in Buildings
  • Lighting studies (natural and artificial)
  • Fluid Modeling (natural and mechanical ventilation)
  • Engineering of value of sustainable technological products.
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Wind System
  • Thermosolar system
  • Natural Roofs
  • Living Walls
  • Storm Waters Collection and Reuse System
  • Gray Water Recycling System
  • Energy Modeling (Design and / or LEED®)


At BEA we support our clients in developing their green agenda. Through our methodology we carry out assessments and audits to determine the areas of opportunity in relation to energy consumption, comfort and quality of the indoor environment under a cost-benefit perspective throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our service includes:

  • Manuals for Sustainable Design, Construction and Operation.
  • Bioclimatic Design Counseling.
  • Guidelines for Sustainable Urbanism.
  • Environmental Assessment of Construction Materials.
  • Technical Support in Green Marketing.
  • Public plans and programs to promote bio-construction.


The envelope of buildings where there is greater opportunity to save energy. The Ministry of Energy in collaboration with CONUEE has created two official Mexican standards, mandatory for residential and commercial real estate developments, in order to achieve great savings in energy, carbon emissions and better comfort for Mexicans.

As a leader and pioneer in sustainable building, the NOM-008-ENER-2011 and NOM-020-ENER-2011 standards have been credited as a Verifying Unit, supporting owners, builders, developers, architects, asset managers and property managers to perform the official verification to validate that the design and construction of the building meet the requirements of those standards, issuing an official verdict of verification, verification report and compliance label for the building.


As pioneers in the Sustainable Building Consultancy and having obtained the first certifications LEED® NC Platino and LEED® NC Gold in Mexico and Latin America, at Bioconstruccion y Energía Alternativa we recognize the need to share our knowledge.

Whether for independent professionals or companies, our courses are tailor-made and are taught by our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants.

The LEED® Courses offered are:

  • Green Building 101.
  • LEED® Green Associate exam preparation.
  • Ad-hoc training in sustainable building.

If you require more information about our courses, please send an email to Elizabeth Torres at


The achievement of a sustainable certification in the real estate brings with it multiple economic benefits, for the environment and the occupants or users.

Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa supports companies that have decided to take the step towards sustainability to translate and tangibilize the benefits and results that are being achieved, either to communicate their achievement to the general public or the internal team, or to integrate these results In their annual sustainability reports.

We develop tools and communication guides regarding a sustainable building at various levels, facilitating the work of our clients’ marketing, communication and corporate affairs teams.



Nowadays, most organizations seek to implement actions that promote a better future, reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote a healthier and more collaborative society. In addition to the global trend of organizational transparency, social responsibility and sustainability reporting systems such as Cemefi’s ESR®, GRI®, Ethos, to name a few. Bioconstrucción, understanding the relevance that these reports have for their clients, in relation to their communities and audiences, offers consulting services in ESR® and GRI®, seeking the best practices in CSR and sustainability.


The real estate industry is evolving towards sustainability, requiring for real estate financing to be superior in energy and water consumption, community relations, climate risk mitigation, health and welfare for users and occupants , And above all, good practices of portfolio management or governance. The Real Estate Sustainability Assessment (GRESB) was born 6 years ago in the Netherlands to address this need for banking institutions and bond issuers to ensure that their investments are headed in the right direction. Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa, as a local partner of GRESB, promotes the adoption of this methodology of reporting among its clients to support them to structure financing alternatives that allow them to receive funds from international institutions.