About Us

Founded on December 11, 2001 in the city of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León by Eng. Ulises Treviño, Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa S.A. de C.V. (BEA) with its goal of providing world class services and sustainability solutions for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction sector. With certified experience in sustainable building, especially in LEED®, our goal is to facilitate sustainability goals and provide a unique service in its class for our clients.

Our methodology focused on the Integrated Process of Design, is applied according to the needs of the client and with complete availability to provide LEED® advice to all involved, to achieve excellent results.

All this is possible thanks to our team of expert LEED®APs: multidisciplinary and knowledgeable professionals, both nationally and internationally, in sustainable real estate projects.

In addition, our service has added value for our clients thanks to our excellent relationship with governmental and non-governmental institutions, environmental magazines and strategic alliances with national and international experts in the field of Green Building, as well as case studies in the USGBC .

The company’s track record includes certification of the first LEED®NC Gold (HSBC Tower), LEED®NC Platinum and LEED®EBOM Platinum (BEA 347) buildings throughout Mexico and Latin America, as well as the first LEED®Fellow on the region. Our company has carried out more than 20% of the country’s certifications and we have the largest number of certified LEED® meters.

We have supported all this with different certifications and acknowledgments that ensure the high quality of our work, among which we can mention the international standard of quality ISO 9001: 2008 unique in the industry, thus improving our processes and deliverables for both processes LEED® certification from our customers.

With more than 25 employees, forming our team of Administration and Finance, Business Development and Technical and Operational Departments, BEA becomes the consultant with the largest multidisciplinary team in the country that provides solutions to all Mexico with world class quality .


Provide differentiated services of professional consultancy in sustainable building, transforming the market through applied technological innovation, a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and with a global approach.



Be the pioneering Latin American company and leader in consulting for sustainable world-class real estate developments.


Organizational Values:

1. Quality and service: Promote optimal performance and quality in costumer service.
2. Commitment: Disseminate practices of social commitment and environmental responsibility in each of our actions.
3. Integral development: Develop specialized professionals capable of acting with global vision and integrity.
4. Transforming Spirit: Foster the search for creative and innovative solutions with a sustainable awareness.

Quality politics

Our commitment is to provide services and solutions for sustainable building, meeting the requirements of the client, guaranteeing their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations through:

1. Client oriented work model.

2. Multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and with a global approach.

3. World Class Management Tools.

4. Continuous improvement of our Processes.


Since 2010, BEA has been consolidated as a Socially Responsible Company, receiving the badge of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy A.C. (CEMEFI) year after year.
BEA’s vision as a Socially Responsible Company is to continue to promote sustainability through its business activity and also to promote such activities among its stakeholders by considering the following principles:

· Accountability and Transparency
· Ethical behavior
· Respect for stakeholders, culture of legality, international norms and human rights

Our lines of action in matters of social responsibility and BEA Foundation are:

· Innovation and technological development
· Education
· Preservation of the environment

To collaborate with our BEA Foundation or develop Socially Responsible Actions, contact us at info@bioconstruccion.com.mx



We have a committee responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating BEA’s social responsibility strategies, as well as a system for measuring and monitoring sustainable performance indicators. Our management system is also monitored and evaluated by external agencies to ensure the impartiality of our results.

Distinctive Company Socially Responsible:


Evaluates the practices of the organization focused on its stakeholders and their expectations both internally and externally, considering adherence to world-class standards such as ISO 26000, 14000, 9001, Global Reporting Initiative, Ethos, among others. (Know our ESR actions)

JUST Label

International Living Future Institute

This badge is known as the «nutrition label» of organizations on issues of corporate practices of transparency, fairness and justice. JUST encourages organizations of all types to publicly present their organizational results, practices and policies. (Know our label JUST)


We ensure transparent business practices, focused on the satisfaction of our clients and respect for their guarantees, always maintaining a fair competition. We have Code of Ethics, Privacy Notice, Impartiality and Confidentiality Policies that guarantee the correct operation of our business.


We fulfill all our obligations with BEA employees, we maintain the highest practices to promote the quality of life in the company, labor inclusion and diversity. We promote diversity and inclusion with a Zero Tolerance Discrimination Policy, as well as activities that promote the balance of professional, family and health of our employees.

As the main responsibility of BEA for its collaborators is also the care of their safety, we also have a comprehensive system of Occupational Safety, Emergency Response and on-site brigade.



We promote the development of local communities in education, technology and the environment through the Socially Responsible Actions of our collaborators. We participate every year in the international initiative developed by Green Center for Schools: Green Apple Day of Service and we give chairs in universities of architecture, engineering and sustainable development on sustainable building. In addition to all this, we foster relationships with our stakeholders by actively participating in forums and chambers of the sector and promoting the purchase of local products.


Annually we donate to institutions dedicated to the restoration of natural spaces and the creation of urban forests. We have green purchasing policy to contribute to the development of a green economy, in which we contemplate the consumables and office supplies required for our daily operation.

In addition, we encourage the use of alternative transportation methods for our collaborators in sites with high connectivity to public transport and easy access and promote the Carpool initiative.

We also foster relationships with our stakeholders by actively participating in forums and chambers of the sector and promoting the purchase of local products.