Commissioning (Commissioning) is a quality assurance process applied to building systems. This activity allows an adequate transition between the different phases of the project, from the conceptual design to the operations stage.

The main activities of the Commissioning are reviews, tests, verifications, trainings and, in general, documentation so that the systems are delivered and opened in accordance with the established requirements. Everything is process carried out by the project team coordinated and verified by an Agent or Commissioning Authority. BEA Commissioning Agents have international credentials to offer our clients this service.

One of the key points in the Commissioning process is clear and accurate documentation of the owner’s requirements. Among the most important points of the reports are the objectives of energy efficiency, sustainability, operability, quality of the indoor environment, etc.

In the following phases of the process, it is verified that the design of the systems has all the necessary elements to meet the client’s objectives and an adequate transition to the construction stage is allowed, where the correct installation of equipment is verified according to the best practices and the execution of the execution tests is coordinated.

As a key point during the last phase of the process, it is ensured that all the documentation and technical capacity are available from the operation and maintenance personnel so that the systems have the best overall performance during their useful life. This process may include monitoring performance indicators during the first year prior to the end of the warranty for some systems.

Commissioning can also be performed on existing building systems, to diagnose performance and verify that they are operating within the expected requirements of the owner and users. During this process, functional tests are coordinated, areas of opportunity are analyzed and necessary information is compiled, attending to preventive and corrective measures that the systems require to operate optimally.

The Commissioning service is based on international standards, allowing building systems to be designed, installed, tested and operated in accordance with best practices internationally. Compared to conventional construction practices, buildings, whose systems have gone through the Commissioning process, perform more efficiently, resulting in lower operating costs; they create healthier spaces and minimize their ecological footprint.