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Arc platform, sustainability in real time.


Many technological factors, such as Internet of Things incorporation into companies operations, the easy access to global information and the fourth industrial revolution, for instance, have transformed companies operations and procedures in all business sectors. In real estate industry, these tools have allowed the industry to be better prepared and have a better interconnection, making easier the creation of intelligent spaces that have a real-time respond to occupants needs.

For this, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) has developed Arc Platform, a virtual software that allows to measure and display the building’s real-time performance, based on established baselines and being fed by buildings systems outcomes


How does Arc Platform work?

The online software combines the operations of building systems, reflecting a real-time sustainability status throughout a score that goes from 0 to 100 points. This outcome compiles the valuation of 5 categories: energy, water, waste, transport and human experience.

Each category has its own evaluation criteria, going from surveys based on user experience and resources management to air quality tests.

The score shown replicates LEED’s traditional evaluation system, giving “Certified” level to the projects that achieve from 40 to 49 points; “Silver” level, ranging from 50 to 59 points; “Gold” level from 60 to 79 points and the maximum level called “Platinum” for the project that has achieved 80 or more points.


Who can use Arc?

This platform can be powered by the automatic or manual data input about building consumption, so any real estate project is suitable for this tool. Also, as is compatible with LEED Operations and Maintenance rating system, it is open the possibility to award projects that do not have this recognition or make the LEED recertification process easier.


The outcomes provided helps to make better decision making, easily spot opportunity areas in the building systems that will be translated into important preventive savings, and the participation in a real estate sustainability benchmark at a regional and global scale.


First Arc project in Latin America

In Latin America, the first project to obtain the Arc platform was BEA347, Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa headquarters, located in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, in October 2016. In addition to obtaining this platform, this iconic project has stood out for its high level of sustainability as it is the first project that received double LEED Platinum certification in Latin America and the first WELL Certification in the country.

Mexico is a region where green building has presented a positive response. The World Bank Group indicated the existence of more than 1,100 buildings with some international sustainability recognition, including LEED and EDGE, serving as an example of buildings that reduce their environmental impact in the country.

The Arc Platform is a technological tool that harmoniously links sustainable building with Internet of Things, providing health benefits for occupants and providing high-performance intelligent spaces. Surely, this platform will boost the number of buildings that join the efforts of efficient operations and, over time, will be fundamental links for the establishment of smart and interconnected cities in our country.