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Interested in the LEED Green Associate credential?

Take this short test with basic questions about LEED Certification and assess your knowledge

  1. What does LEED mean?

Leadership in Efficiency & Energetic Design
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
Leadership in Environmental & Energetic Design
Leadership in Efficient & Energetic Design



  1. Who can obtain LEED Certification?

Buildings only
Buildings and construction materials
Only construction materials



  1. If a building scores 59 points, what level of LEED Certification does it earn?




  1. If a building meets the prerequisite for non-smoking and smoke-free spaces, how many points does the project earn for this?

0 points
1 points
2 points
3 points



  1. Which of the following is NOT a credit family?

Materials and resources
Water efficiency
Connected urban location
Energy and atmosphere



  1. You want to build an office space that seeks LEED Certification in a tower that does not have this recognition. It's possible?

No, the base building must be LEED certified
No, the offices must abide by the consumption of the base building
Yes, because the offices will have their own consumption and measurement
Yes, as long as the base building also seeks certification



  1. If a developer is constructing 4 contiguous buildings, seeking LEED Certification under the same system and sharing sustainability strategies. How could they facilitate the registration, documentation and processes of these properties?

Using the LEED Volume program
Using the LEED-next to-LEED program
Using the LEED Campus program
Cross-referencing in the documentation process



  1. A building is located in the city center, with a good connection to various public transport lines and various public spaces, such as shopping centers, restaurants and parks. Do these factors help in earning LEED points?

Yes, but only because of the connection with public spaces
Yes, but only because of the connection with the transport lines
Yes, both due to the connection with public spaces and the connection it has with transport lines
No, none of these factors influence the obtaining of the Certification, it only rewards the efficiency in energy and resources.



  1. On which of the following programs and standards is LEED Certification based on your assessment metrics?

ASHRAE 90.1-2010
Water Sense
All of the above (and more)



  1. What is the minimum percentage of savings that the LEED Certification requires in indoor water consumption?




  1. Using this tool it is possible to predict the energy consumption of the projected building and compare it against a base standard building to demonstrate the degree of LEED compliance of the project.

Fundamental Commissioning
Energy modeling
Enhanced Commissioning



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LEED Green Associate

LEED Green Associate is a credential created and awarded by the GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) and accredits professionals who have an up-to-date understanding of the principles of sustainable building and the practices of LEED Certification.

This accreditation is the first in the LEED sustainability career; After this, professionals can search for LEED Accredited Professional credentials with specialty:

  • LEED AP BD+C (Building Design + Construction)
  • LEED AP ID+C (Interior Design + Construction)
  • LEED AP O+M (Operations + Maintenance)
  • LEED AP ND (Neighborhood Development)

Who can get the LEED Green Associate credential?

Anyone can obtain this international recognition; No previous construction knowledge is required, nor a minimum age for obtaining it. Until November 2018, Mexico had a total of 363 professionals with this credential.

How do I get the LEED Green Associate credential?

It is necessary to pass a virtual accreditation exam where it is necessary to obtain a minimum of 170 points out of the 200 available .

This exam consists of 100 random questions with the following topics

  • LEED process – 16 questions
  • Integrative strategies – 8 questions
  • Location and Transportation – 7 questions
  • Sustainable Sites – 7 questions
  • Water Efficiency -9 questions
  • Energy and Atmosphere – 10 questions
  • Materials and Resources – 9 questions
  • Indoor Environmental Quality – 8 questions
  • Project environment and engagement with the public – 11 questions
  • 15 questions without punctuation.

2 hours are awarded in a single exhibition to take the accreditation exam. When you finish answering it, the candidate will be informed of his score on the final screen and the determination of his pass.


What is the cost and validity of this credential?

The LEED Green Associate credential is valid for 2 years from the exam approval date. Also, during that time, you must complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education through courses provided by the USGBC, participation in LEED projects, volunteering, or authoring articles.

During 2018, the regular cost was $ 250, while affiliated organizations and students get a preferential rate. Check the USGBC page for updated rates.


How to take the exam for LEED Green Associate?

  1. To start the process, you must create a free account on the USGBC web portal.
  2. Enter the “Credentials” option that is displayed in the “Account” menu
  3. Select the option LEED Green Associate and choose the language in which you want to carry out the test and continue with the payment management.
  4. To finish, the option to schedule an exam will appear and will redirect you to the page of Prometric, the official body in charge of applying the test.
  5. Select the date and time of your preference.
  6. When it’s time for the test, present an official credential.
  7. Take the test.

Important: An exam can be confirmed, canceled, or rescheduled on the Prometric website. If canceled or rescheduled a minimum of 30 days before the exam, there is no charge. On the other hand, if you reschedule or cancel an exam in less than 30 days from the scheduled date, a fee of $ 50 will be charged. Lastly, you cannot reschedule an exam that will be taken less than 2 days in advance.

LEED Green Associate Course v4 Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy

The course taught by Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy seeks that the participants manage to identify the characteristics of a LEED project as well as the high impact and low cost strategies in a sustainable project.

Specific objectives
1. Analyze the structure of the rating system and the LEED certification process.
2. Identify synergies between different credits and strategies.
3. Evaluate the stakeholders of the certification process.
4. Test the use of LEED Online tools.
5. Identify the best practices applied in the Certified Projects.

General agenda:
1. Introduction to Sustainable Building
2. USGBC and the LEED process
3. Registration and Certification Process
4. LEED Accreditations
5. LEED categories
6. LEED categories (continued)
7. Synergies and credit conflicts
8. Special Programs and Guides
9. Review and recap process
10. Proof Exam
11. Close

Download the 2020 agenda with the details of the LEED Green Associate Monterrey and LEED Green Associate Mexico City course

Important: The diploma provided in the course is imparted by BEA and the quiz shown in this page does not replace this credential.


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