• “CEMEX, after evaluating the best LEED® Consulting Companies in Mexico , decided to establish an alliance with BEA to provide professional LEED certification services to our most relevant customers, including large developers and builders are included”

    –Vicente Saiso
    Director of Corporate Sustainability


    Vicente Saiso
  • “BEA is our key player for our sustainability action plan. Workshops, on-site presence, support in LEED® Marketing and the wide experience of LEED® AP’s have achieved significant differences in our projects, offering multiple and effective LEED® ratings and facilitating coordination with our international design team.”

    -Sergio Humeda
    Director, Esfera City Center Monterrey

    Humeda Sergio
  • “As an environmental government agency, we look forward to the highest Sustainability goals to lead by example in high-performance buildings. BEA has provided its expertise for a cost-effective LEED® Certification strategy with high benefits, coordinating a multidisciplinary team and fulfilling a tight schedule of construction.”

    -Dra. Irma Gómez
    Undersecretary of Management and Finance

    Environment Secretary

    And Natural Resources, Mexico.

    Dra. Gómez Irma
  • “BEA´s knowledge of various methods in building and construction, as well as systems of national market has helped VESTA multiple services with standards of Green Building, Green Education Program and LEED Certification focusing on customer service. ”

    –Lorenzo Berho
    President and CEO

    Berho Lorenzo
  • “BEA, as our leading sustainability partner, provides us with LEED® reports, allowing the project team to track goals, costs and opportunities.”

    -Alejandro Vallarino Marusich
    Director of Real Estate Development

    Alejandro Vallarino