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MSc. Arch. Ximena Cantú


MSc. Arch. Ximena Cantú



The Mtra. Arch. Ximena Cantú is a Consultant in Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa (BEA) supporting the process of projects seeking LEED certification.

Within his professional experience, she emphasizes her participation in architecture offices such as Itaca Sustentable Projects where she developed projects under the criterion of sustainability, the application of Mexican Standards NOM 008 ENER and NOM 020 ENER. In addition, she has collaborated in the developer of shopping centers Planigrupo and has done independent design and consulting work.

Ximena is a graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara with a specialization in lighting and has a master’s degree in Bioclimatic Architecture from the Universidad de Colima and the School of Architecture and Design in Latin America.