Sustainable Building Solutions

In Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy we are leaders and pioneers in LEED Certification and Sustainable Building Consulting.

We have the first Gold and Platinum level certifications in Latin America, as well as the only LEED NC certification of the heavy metal industry and the first double Platinum Certification in the region.





LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design or LEED) is an international recognition certification system for sustainable buildings created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Both companies and developers, construction companies and governments worldwide invest in LEED Certification to obtain great benefits in their buildings.

There are several systems under which a building can be LEED certified, depending on its own characteristics. From new constructions, major remodeling, to existing buildings in the operational stage.



The Arc Platform is a tool that allows measuring and visualizing the operational performance of buildings in real time, identifying areas for improvement and creating a benchmark against other comparable projects.

This platform measures the consumption of the property when connected to its systems, being fed by them automatically or manually, creating a sustainable control panel available for any real estate project.

Arc will strengthen the efforts in the operations of the buildings and will become fundamental links for the constitution of smart cities.

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We spend 90% of our time inside buildings. WELL Building Standard is a certification that aims to make the spaces promote health and well-being in people. Based on what is good for the human body, its strategies are focused on providing comfort, better sleep, better digestion, reducing the risk of disease and improving people’s mental health, among others. We have the first WELL accredited professionals in Mexico and the world to support organizations to improve health, well-being and productivity in their spaces.

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The tourism sector and destinations have specific needs in sustainable terms. All require proper management of their waste, optimal use of water, good relations with local communities, energy efficiency, among others. The EarthCheck evaluation system for the operation of destinations, hotels and venues, added to the design and planning standard, seeks to measure the performance of these spaces from their conception and in time, to reward progress in sustainable terms of these items. Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa is EarthCheck’s regional ally for support in verifying the operation standard and accompanying the design and planning standard.

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Buildings that use their resources efficiently, positively impact the planet and produce for the developer a return on investment. In this scenario, EDGE, the green construction certification system for emerging markets created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) allows to optimize the use of water and energy, both consumed by the building and incorporated into the materials, of a simple way and under local comparisons. Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa has the capacity to carry out EDGE audits, being one of the first firms in Mexico to achieve this accreditation.

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As pioneers in the Sustainable Building Consulting and having obtained the first LEED NC Platino and LEED NC Gold certifications in Mexico and Latin America, in Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy we recognize the need to share our knowledge.

Whether for independent professionals or companies, our courses are custom designed and are taught by our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants.

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In the envelope of buildings there is a greater opportunity to save energy. The Ministry of Energy in collaboration with CONUEE has created two official Mexican standards, mandatory application in residential and commercial real estate developments, in order to achieve great savings in energy, carbon emissions and better comfort for Mexicans.

Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy, as leaders and pioneers in sustainable building, has been accredited as a Verification Unit standards NOM-008-ENER-2001 and NOM-020-ENER-2011, supporting owners, builders, developers, architects, asset managers and Property managers to perform the official verification to validate that the design and construction of the building comply with the requirements of these standards, issuing an official opinion of the verification, the verification report and the compliance label for the building.

NOM 020 ENER is applicable to all residential properties, while NOM 008 ENER for all other constructions with the exception of those for industrial use.

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The Commissioning (Cx) or Commissioning process is essential for owners and developers to achieve the energy efficiency objectives of their projects, when verifying the optimal operation of the systems.

We have a Commissioning team specialized in the most recognized worldwide standards such as ASHRAE, ACG, NEBB, NIBS, BCA and SMACNA.

Our service guarantees the energy efficiency and environmental performance of your real estate project. Our service includes:
• Lighting and Associated Controls
• Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems (HVAC) and Associated Controls
• Water Heating Systems
• Sustainable Energy Systems
• High efficiency envelope
• Fundamental (mandatory part of the LEED process, included in our Turnkey Service) & Enhanced Commissioning (provides relevant credits to the LEED certification)

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Energy modeling seeks to obtain the greatest benefit at the lowest cost of technologies and strategies for energy efficiency. This service supports decision-making in the design process and achieves specific energy-saving goals for each project, providing valuable information on the behavior of the properties and systems of the buildings.

The energy modeling service conforms to buildings seeking LEED Certification, particularly in the prerequisite and credit corresponding to the minimum energy performance and optimization of energy performance. In this service, energy modeling predicts the energy consumption of the projected building and compares against a standard base building.

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Today, most organizations seek to implement and execute actions that promote a better future, reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote a healthier and collaborative society. In addition to the global trend of organizational transparency, social responsibility and sustainability reporting systems such as ESR from Cemefi, GRI, Ethos, to name a few, emerge. Bioconstruction, understanding the relevance that these reports have for their clients, in relation to their communities and audiences, offers the consulting service at ESR and GRI, seeking the best practices in CSR and sustainability.

The real estate industry is evolving towards sustainability, demanding for its financing or investment that real estate properties present a superior performance in energy, water, relationship with communities, mitigation of climatic risks, health and well-being for users and occupants, and mainly, good practices of portfolio management or governance. The Real Estate Sustainability Assessment (GRESB) was born 6 years ago in the Netherlands to meet this need of banking institutions and bond issuers to ensure that their investments were heading in the right direction. Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy, as a local partner of GRESB, promotes the adoption of this reporting methodology among its clients to support them in structuring financing alternatives that allow them to receive funds from international institutions.

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As a philosophy, the International Living Future Institute was created with the purpose of being the first regenerative certification system, contributing to the world more than it takes. It integrates principles of positive net energy, water reuse, habitat protection and good use of the site, use of safe materials for living beings, health and happiness, equity, beauty and inspiration. As the most robust and challenging existing certification, Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa has an accredited professional in Living Future, who leads a pilot project in the country.




The Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Certification is part of the Living Building Challenge. However, it can be achieved independently. The buildings that undergo this certification ensure exceptional energy conservation and meet 100% of their electricity, heating and cooling needs through the production of renewable energy on site.

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The achievement of a sustainable certification in real estate brings multiple economic benefits for the environment and the occupants or users.

We develop tools and communication guides regarding a sustainable building at various levels, facilitating the work of the marketing, communication and corporate affairs teams of our clients.

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At BEA we support our clients in the development of their green agenda. Through our methodology we carry out assessments and audits to determine the areas of opportunity in relation to energy consumption, comfort and quality of the indoor environment under a cost-benefit perspective throughout the project life cycle.

Our service includes:

  • Design, Construction and Sustainable Operation Manuals
  • Bioclimatic Design Advisory
  • Sustainable Urban Planning Guidelines
  • Environmental Evaluation of Construction Materials
  • Green Marketing Technical Support
  • Public plans and programs to promote bioconstruction