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Project Coppel CAT Andrade

Coppel CAT Andrade


Grupo Coppel, a group of companies of Mexican origin offering financial products and services, received the LEED ® Certification for new construction at its Gold level on August 29, in recognition of the energy and resource efficiency of its new Spotlight Coppel CAT Andrade.


In addition to this certification for buildings, Grupo Coppel has actively participated in other initiatives that promote sustainability, such as the “Sembremos Conciencia” campaign, carried out in various states of the country, consisting of donating plants to clients and collaborators, as well as promoting rehabilitation in parks and public spaces.


Coppel Group


4,037.92 m2


Center of attention


LEED for new construction v2009. August 2019


  • Location : 12 basic services limited to walking distances
  • Location : Easy access to 7 public transport lines established for the project and the installation of 44 spaces for bicycles, reducing the need to use private transport to get around.
  • Location : To avoid the heat island effect, vegetation and special materials must be provided on the roof, in addition to the placement of 100% of the indoor parking spaces.
  • Water : 53% reduction in drinking water consumption, saving 2.8 million liters per year.
  • Water : 100% savings in the use of drinking water for irrigation purposes, through systems that use rainwater and treated water.
  • Energy : 23% higher energy performance than a conventional building.
  • Innovation : Green purchasing policy and responsible waste management.
  • Materials and resources : Total cost of materials used in the project, 12.64% have attributes of recycled content.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality : International standards for adequate ventilation rates.

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