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ENEL Corporate

Enel Corporate

Mexico City

Enel Green Power, a group of leading companies in the global electricity, gas and renewable energy markets, received the LEED® Certification for commercial interiors at its Gold level on 12 November in recognition of the energy and resource efficiency of its corporate offices located in Mexico City.

The Enel Corporate project operates with an optimized performance when carrying out operations with a reduced environmental impact, at the same time that it offers a healthy interior quality for the collaborators. Likewise, this workplace integrates harmoniously with the surroundings, promoting the interconnection of the built environment and transportation alternatives other than the individual car.

The Enel Corporate project obtained the LEED Gold level Certification by obtaining 61 points on the evaluation scale, leaving behind the basic level and Silver certification that are obtained from 40 and 50 points respectively.


By: Enrique Betancourt
Communication & Image
Bioconstrucción y Energía Alternativa, SA de CV
Photographs via youtube


Enel Green Power






LEED for Commercial Interiors v2009


  • Water: 84% reduction in drinking water consumption
  • Energy: 98% of electronic equipment has international certification
  • Transport: 4 transport lines available to users
  • Materials: 100% of the wood comes from forests with regulated felling


  • LEED Consulting
  • Fundamental Commissioning
  • Energy Modeling
  • Management of the certification process before the GBCI

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